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Established in 1977 as the sole importer and distributor of the renowned DAIHATSU automobile vehicles and spare-parts, SAR Motors is the 'one stop solution' for Kigali's transportation needs. Specializing in the distribution of Daihatsu vehicles, ranging from pick up trucks (Delta) to the off Road vehicle (Terios), Sar Motors supplies to numerous Ministries, international organizations and leading multinational companies.

As one of the few international organizations that has held its ground during Kigali's turmoil, SAR Motors is a company that has an impeccable reputation and strong ties with Rwanda's Government. The company is also partnered with, and receives support from the world renowned Japanese corporation of DAIHATSU.

In addition to distribution, Sar Motors also provides an in-house vehicle garage which services all types and brands of vehicles. Today the Sar Motors vehicle garage is one of the most reputed in the country, and is trusted by many leading organizations/ministries in Kigali. Housed with more than 20 garage workers, some of whom have more than 25 years' experience - Sar Motors is able to provide friendly, effective and low cost solutions to the most complex automobile problems.

Holding the view that maintaining long term relationships, acting with integrity and surpassing client expectations is the key to success, Sar Motors was able to sustain it's business during the period of chaos in the country. Unlike many businesses who pulled out due to short-term outlooks, Sar Motors continues to invest in Rwanda and it's people.

Sar Motors employs many local Rwandans and ensures that they are trained in new technologies such as computers, International Marketing and accountancy styles. The company pays its Income tax, Genocide fund, Sales tax and the Provident fund proudly and always on time. It also ensures traveling and food allowance to the staff.

The magic of Rwanda (Land of 1000 Hills) is breathtaking and Sar Motors will always make sure that fair business and humane practices are followed.


SAR Motors Ltd.
P.O BOX: 1181
Phone: (250) 0252582582
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KN 5 Rd, Remera
Kigali - Rwanda